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Full service EHR, Telehealth and Billing Platform

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Full service EHR, Telehealth and Billing Platform

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Full service EHR, Telehealth and Billing Platform


How Ellora Can Help

Complicated EMR’s cause stress!

We place the Therapist at the center of our design making. Ellora is the most Easy-to-use and Uncomplicated EMR in the Market

Old EMR’s Increase Cost & Time

Save significant time & effort with Clinical Documentation & recording Medical Information

Security &

Always Be HIPAA Compliant while also making reporting requirements easier



Medical Records, progress Notes, Treatment Plan & Patient Charting

Tele Health

Video, Audio, Chat, Text


Reporting and Analytics

Data Security

Use of high data security & patient privacy standards

Data Sharing

A place for patients & Doctors to share health data

User Portals

For Healthcare providers, Admin, Consumers

Claims Processing

Insurance and Claims processing with quality assurance prior to rejection


Secure communication with email, text and voice for patient engagement

Payments Gateway

Process quicker and seamless payments


Customized forms,  workflow, white-labeling & device integrations

5 Things Modern Mental Health EMR Should Have


Suzy Charles

Aviva Mental Health is a Behavioural Health Clinic which provides integrated services to all clients that need Mental Health care. Aviva was founded for the purpose of providing Mental Health treatment for adults, and children of all ages. I have personally been working in the field of Mental Health for the past 30 years. As time goes by, we have seen several changes in the Healthcare Industry which transitioned from Hard copy to Electronic records. Electronic record is the trend, and everyone wants to be a part of the trend. We were looking for a platform that is simple and user friendly. Our search for a good Platform landed us with Ellora Systems, a telehealth platform which met our needs, made our life and our consumers’ life very easy. Ellora’s platform cut down our work tremendously. This not only saved our time, but it made our clinic operations run smoothly and efficiently. Ellora System is also a data driven platform which gives you access to data when needed. Our consumers are happy with the calls and the appointment confirmation process.

Suzy Charles

CEO, Aviva Mental Health Services


As a therapist, the concept of using teletherapy was not novel to me, but I was far more concerned for my patients. They have always met us in person, in my office, relaxing, laying on a couch telling us their stories, and me writing on a notepad. I knew we needed to be adaptable during these challenging times. We were exploring our option to adopt a technology platform. We came across Ellora. Within the first two sessions, I started to see a difference. I had more time for communication as taking notes was easy, and the integrated telehealth sessions on click of a button met our needs better. Even my patients who used Ellora shared the convenience and ease, and the quality of the embedded video made them feel as though we were in the same shared space physically.



Navin Raju

CPL Group is Papua New Guinea’s largest retail and wholesale organization. We use Ellora Systems Telehealth software as a service platform from all nursing stations in CPL outlets. Ellora’s Telehealth and EHR platform has allowed us to reach out to our rural community. Enhance patient-provider communication, and decrease the cost of services.

It is a fantastic digital transformation for us, and I hope that other organizations like us could follow this to reach people needing care. CPL Benefits after deploying Ellora • 50% Reduction in operation costs • 35% increase in terms of the patient care outreach for rural communities. • 100% adoption and utilization of the telehealth kiosk powered by Ellora systems at our pharmacy.

Navin Raju

CEO, CPL Group

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